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Vacaville, CA 95688 Caring For Your Health. Caring For Your Clothes.
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1087 E. Monte Vista Ave., Vacaville, CA 95688

No Extra Cost. No Hidden Fees.

Browns Valley Cleaners - Free Home Pick Up & Next Day Delivery FAQ’s

Do you  have any membership fees associated with your  FREE home pick up & delivery service?

No, we do not charge any membership or sign up fees with our services.

Can you provide your Free  Pick Up & Next Day Delivery Service at my office or business?

Yes, we can provide service. Please call us at 800-469-1233 to set up office pick up & delivery and like our home service there is no fee associated with the service

Do I have to be at home when you pick up or deliver my clothes?

No with our service you do not have to be at home for pick up or delivery. Just leave your laundry bag at your designated pick up spot and your clothes will be delivered the next business day at your specified delivery location.

At what time will you pick up and deliver my clothes?

We normally begin pick ups by 7:30 AM on your scheduled pickup day and most areas receive delivery before 7 PM.

Do i need to have dry cleaning every week to use this service?

No with our service we will  be in your neighborhood on your scheduled pickup so you don’t need to have a weekly pickup.

What if i forget to put my clothes out on my pickup day?

Call us at 800-469-1233 and we will arrange for a special pick up. In most cases we will be able to pick it up on the same day.

I’m going to be on vacation on  my delivery day what should i do?

Simply call us at 800-469-1233 and we will hold your clothes until you return.

What should I do if i have a special request for cleaning for a particular garment?

Simply leave a note with special requests inside your laundry bag

Is it possible for me to pickup my clothes earlier in store?

Absolutely just give us a call or leave a note in your bag and we will make sure to have your order ready earlier

What should i do if i have more garments than will fit in my bag?

Simply leave another bag next to your bag and label it for Browns Valley Cleaners. If you frequently have more items please call us at and we will gladly provide additional laundry bags.

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